Pivot Viewer



Currently, information seekers are stuck in the old way of viewing information, limited by browsers to view information only in the context of 'next' and 'previous'.


'Pivot is a data mining system that "allows people to visualize data and then sort, organize and categorize it dynamically",

this results in correlations and trends that become immediately apparent in a visually interactive format.'


Pivot allows users to aggregate this information and view it to see if there are any recognizable patterns in the information.


The value of such a tool is that you can begin exploring with an idea and Pivot works with users to discover information that might have otherwise not been seen.


The issues that most had encountered in the past, were how to create Data-Card Collections and how to use them in Non-Silverlight environments.


We have developed a system, which reads information from a database and outputs the records as a script, which when executed will build the Data-Card Collection.


Together with the utilisation of an HTML5 viewer to visualise the collections of Data-Cards, enablies them to be embedded in a page and work cross browser.